(Sanne) Jolijn van Dijk makes vulnerable but strong work about a wide range of subjects. She always aims to draw people in by making things that are universally understandable and at the same time very personal. She is a fanatic diary keeper and spotter of all things weird and unusual. She uses intuitive sketching as foundation for every project. Drawing is her nr. 1 but this will always be combined with exploring other media like animation, poems, sound, installation, cardboard cut-outs, costumes, ceramics, paint or whatever medium she feels should be used to visualise the idea she has in mind.

Jolijn graduated from her bachelor's degree in Crossmedia Design at AKI ArtEZ (Enschede, The Netherlands) in 2019, studied Illustration at UWE (Bristol, United Kingdom) for 5 months in 2018 and is currently studying Art Therapy at the HAN (Nijmegen, the Netherlands).

Expositions, publications and commissioned work:

Image/logo for 'Met open ogen luisteren', commissioned by Wintertuin (2023)
AKI Finals Exposition, Enschede (2019)
Conglomeraat, ROBSON, Enschede (2018)
Grafixx Festival, Antwerpen (2018)