Een verzameling van dingen uit 1 huis

Een verzameling dingen uit 1 huis 

(A collection of things from 1 home)

These drawings are about holding on to things, but also about letting go. Sometimes it's the small things that are being kept safe in corners of your home, or in corners of your mind. Unnoticed, or put into place every day again and again. This manifests itself into collections of things: in knicknacks, snippets, memories that become memories of memories because they are remembered over and over again. It's the things that are being kept safe: cherished. Even if they seem worthless to others. The things that are being held onto, when maybe, just maybe, it's better to let them go.

I made these drawings for an online publication from Tijdschrift Ei, called: "Ik ben ook maar een mens".