Third Time's the Charm

Third Time's the Charm

I often start making work with a clear idea of what I want it to become. These works were made one after another, to try to change this. What happens when I don't have a plan? When things don't go according to my plan? Or if I focus more on emotion than on the concept I have in mind?

1. I started out making something I feel very comfortable doing: working off of a sketch and making sure it looks alike. This is the ceramic shape with white and grey chequerboard pattern.

2. The second work was a drawing, loosely inspired on a text I wrote in my diary. I didn't really have a plan, and the plan I did have I had to change soon because it wasn't working out.

3. The third work was something I was very scared to do. I drew 9 images of feelings I've had. I didn't give the feelings a name. After that I described the feeling on the back of the images, letting my thoughts spill out without editing them.

I combined the three works into a video.