An animation about Keeping Secrets and how things you (think you) can't tell anyone will keep circling round in your mind until you either make peace with them or tell them to people or...

The idea was to create multiple small animations that would be like GIFS: endless loops. Because that's what secrets do. They circle round and round because they don't have anywhere else to go. I placed the separate animations into a larger image to make it feel like a large, working machine (the brain). 

I wanted to challenge myself by using different materials and experimenting with them. The eye in the beginning of the video was made out of cardboard, and I used rope, cardboard, clay, tape, paper, fabric and iron wire to create the animations. I wanted the animation to be abstract, but still able to convey the message. This is why only the eye is figurative: to show how the thinking/working of the machine takes place in someone's head. 

After finishing the animation I experimented with different sentences and words and decided to create a small poem out of Dutch words starting with -ver. All the words have a connection to the subject and can be linked to hiding or giving away something. 

The idea of the animation is that is can be played over and over again, like a loop. Just like the small GIF like animations it contains. When you think a secret is no longer a secret, there will most likely be something else to worry about, or someone else with the same neverending cyclus inside their head.

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